Connecting from Four Blocks away…

JJCA-Baptist Hospital

As some of you may have know, I’m with my mom this week at the hosptial as she recovers from a shoulder replacement. I’ve brought my laptop to the hosptial every day this week to try and get some work done from the office and to keep in touch with family and friends. I discovered on Monday that the hospital, Palmetto Health Baptist, has a free WIFI network for patients and guests. It works a lot of the time, but it’s been frustrating me since Tuesday afternoon when it abruptly stopped working. Granted, it does say when you log on that it’s “Coming soon,” but it worked all Monday and most of Tuesday, so like most other things in my life that I don’t have control over, it frustrates me. I’m afraid that prolific emailing has set off a filter somewhere that’s blocking my computer for the network.

Connecting from four blocks away.

But the Palmetto Health WIFI network isn’t the only network that my card sees. It also sees a Thinkspot hotspot for the Clarion Townhouse Hotel, which is about a half-mile away. That network, while obviously slower, is much more reliable. It’s good to have options.

Addiction and Co-Dependence…

Addiction is Bad.

Hi, my name is Tim, and I have a problem. You see every year about this time I break out the Playstation to play last year’s NCAA College Football Game. And every year I tell myself that I’ll just play the game I have, that I don’t need the new one, but I always end up at EB Games to buy the new one. This year was no different. I like to use the game to familarize myself with the college teams to get a feel for how my team is going to perform.

Each year they add things to what is basically the same game as I first bought back in 2002. This year’s game is different in that they’ve added a player compnent where you can play as an individual player rather than the typical coach-down approach to playing the game.

It also includes a new TRAX soundtrack feature, with a very random, yet excruciatingly limited, JACKfm mix of music.

One of the songs that I’ve now heard a million times is the Clash song, “Train in Vain.” Catchy, but never having experienced the Clash, I was suprised by the lyrics:

You say you stand by your man
Tell me something I don’t understand
You said you love me and that’s a fact
And then you left me, said you felt trapped
Well some things you can explain away
But the heartache’s in me ’till these days

You didn’t stand by me
No, not at all
You didn’t stand by me
No way

All the times when we were close
I’ll remember these things the most
I’ve seen all my dreams come tumbling down
I can’t be happy without you around
So alone I keep the wolves at bay
And there’s only one thing I can say


You must explain why this must be
Did you lie when you spoke to me?
Did you stand by me?
No, not at all

Now I got a job but it don’t pay
I need new clothes, I need somewhere to stay
But without all of these things I can do
But without your love I won’t make it through
But you don’t understand my point of view
I suppose there’s nothing I can do

{Refrain twice}

{Bridge, refrain}

What? These are the most co-dependent lyrics I’ve ever heard! I expected so much more! I mean, this is the freakin’ CLASH! I guess that I expected them to be more angry angry, than sissy angry.

But I still haven’t figured out how it relates to college football.

Vigilcast Liveblogging

Elvis Week 2005Today marks the 28th anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley. Last night on NPT they had a live vigilcast from Graceland, I had planned on liveblogging it, but I got distracted with the new NCAA playstation game and lost my evening to that. I do now see they’ve posted the video to the website, so, I’ll just go ahead and faux-liveblog it as if I actually watched it live. (And actually cared.)

Vigilcast Liveblog:

1:00pm: Elvis is still dead.
1:15pm: Elvis is still dead.
1:30pm: Elvis is still dead.
1:37pm: Did I just see someone beat a dead horse?
1:45pm: Elvis is still dead.

I’m sensing a pattern here. Maybe I can stop now.