I just saw on TV where Yasser Arafat finally is dead. I’m reminded of something I read a few weeks ago, it said that everything you need to know about Yasser Arafat was the fact that he insisted on wearing his sidearm to address the UN General Assembly. And the everything you need to know about the UN General Assembly is that they let him.

Viewing Habits

My TV went on the fritz on Saturday, and a representative from HHGregg came out this afternoon to identify and fix the problem. He did some sort of Vulcan death grip on the front panel buttons, and in the process of fixing the problem, he brought up a display that indicated that the set has 627 hours of viewing on it. According to my receipts, I got it on December 20, 2003. So in 326 days, I’ve watched 627 hours of TV. That’s roughly 1.9 hours of television per day.

That seems like a good number and might indicate that I have a well-rounded non-couch potato lifestyle, but considering the fact that I’m in front of a computer about 16 hours a day (including the 1.9 that I’m watching TV)–it doesn’t seem so healthy.