Paternal Breakfast Appliances

I present to you a letter from home. Conclusion? My father needs a blog, too:


I really liked your “Egg McMuffin” toaster. I wanted you to to know I have new toaster also. Yes, that toaster that your mother and I bought a C.B. Poole’s Catalog Showroom in 1970 something for $10.95 finally quit working. Actually it still works, but it only toasts 1 and 1 1/2 slices of bread. The heating element on the left side of the left slot burned out. Of course, I used it like that for 6 months. Then one day on a visit to Goodwill, I discovered a new toaster still in the box and it was only priced at $3.45. (Yes, I know you can buy one at Walmart for $5.00, but I still felt like it was a steal.) It is all white, which seems to be the trend now. The days of black and chrome kitchen appliances appears to be over. Anyway, My new toaster is multi-functional. Not only will it toast sliced bread, it cooks “Pop-Tarts” to perfection. So the toaster that you grew up with has been retired… Now if I could just bring myself to throw it away. No, better just put it in the garage. Just might need a part off of it someday…..



Parental Toaster.