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I’m on a pretty tight deadline right now, but Sid Meier has thrown a wrench into that schedule. I lost many an hour of my collegiate experience to this game and its subsequent sequals. Now there’s a new version, and they couldn’t have released it at a more inopportune time.

I need willpower now more than ever.

6 thoughts on “Willpower.”

  1. Tim, I know you are busy right now, but could you please tell me a good way to get a web page set up for my Red Hat Group? Don’t want anything expensive or ultra fancy. Has to be VERY easy to work with too.
    Dianne Greene

  2. I loved Civ II. I would buy that game with new graphics if it came out. What a great way to spend a year or so building empires and crushing your neighbors. Before someone is allowed to run for President, they should be required to demonstrate proficiency and understanding of that game.

    Having said that, I HATED Civ III. What a pain in the ass that game is.

    So, I am leery of Civ IV. I await your review.

  3. Tim,

    I Know your busy, but if you don’t reply to your email I’ll be forced bug you untill you do. I have nothing better to do, I’m on duty all night. ha ha

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