Since I can’t afford the art that I want…

I’ll just make my own. I spent the majority of my Saturday afternoon and evening working on transforming a photograph I took two years ago into glorious art.

My walls have been empty for months now, since my old roommate moved out, and as a new homeowner I’ve been trying to find ways to make this place feel more like me. I got a hankering for real “art” rather than just framed prints and posters, but I quickly determined my taste in art greatly exceeds my budget. Which led me to the decision to try my hand at doing it myself.

After a bit of debate, I finally settled on a Poker Night themed painting. The condo has been host to numerous poker parties now, I felt it would be an appropriate conversation piece come the next party.

It was pretty exciting for me to watch this come together, this is the first creative thing that I’ve done for myself in a very long time. I’m already thinking about other things that I can do. I think I’ve found a hobby.