Ladders and Strings

PBS has a great three hour documentary on string theory available for online viewing. I’ve spent the last three nights watching it at my leisure, it’s quite well done in terms of the production value, and I really like the fact that it’s up for anyone to view.

Of course, as interesting as String Theory is, it only unifies the four forces of physics: Gravity, Electro-Magnetism, Weak Nuclear Force and Strong Nuclear Force. It says nothing about the relationship between men and women. For that, we still must use the Ladder Theory.

Finally putting the .com in

I’ve had several requests for people to put my shirt design from Saturday’s game up for sale, so here’s what I’ll do. If you want to make your own (BYOI, I guess you could say, “Bring your own Iron”), click here to download the design as a pdf file, print on your own printer on the special paper, then iron per the instructions. Or, if you like, I can print these out on the special ironing paper and send it to you with the ironing instructions for the low, low cost of fifteen dollars. I don’t really think I’m ready to offer ironing services from my website, I don’t like to iron for myself, let alone someone else.

F=MA, or Force Equals My Ass Times Acceleration

And in this particular case, M is my big fat ass, A is the “flail myself onto objects to sit down” and F is the resultant cracked Aeron pan. I was pretty embarrassed about this particular incident, until I found out that it’s pretty endemic to the popular office chair from Herman Miller.

There are even government warnings on this sort of thing.