So she had a lot going on…

During the filming of The Abyss, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio said some disparaging things about my hometown, Gaffney, SC in Rolling Stone magazine.

She is quoted in the Aug. 10 Rolling Stone magazine as saying she didn’t enjoy the Gaffney experience. To add insult to injury, the movie’s director, James Cameron, calls Gaffney an “utter cultural wasteland” and claims it would have been more interesting to film in Tibet. “What you have to remember is that any place that the government would install a nuclear reactor is in their minds pretty much expendable,” Mastrantonio said in the article.

Spartanburg Herald-Journal

This YouTube video tells the story of the making of the movie at the partially-constructed-but-never-used Cherokee Nuclear Power plant. It was as the video describes, a “Sh*t Show.” I’ve held a grudge for a long time about what she said, I mean, it’s OK for me to think that but it’s not OK for others to feel the same.