Worst Local TV News Graphic, Ever.

Larry Brinton takes custody of March children...

What exactly is this graphic telling us? The only thing I can figure out is that Larry Brinton has gone to Chicago to take custody of the March children. Also, based on the use of picture of Mr. Brinton I can only assume the man cropped out of the photo of the kids is Darian Trotter.

Of course, far be it from me to start a rumor.

8 thoughts on “Worst Local TV News Graphic, Ever.”

  1. Tim, Timmy, TIMMAY. Best Week Ever beat you to the Drivin’ in Denver joke. Sorry, bud.

    After having just been through the outskirts of Denver and being a Memphis native, I have to agree that Memphis is safer. Who’d a thunk? Denver is a scary place.

  2. Impossible. The timestamp on that post to the sideblog is 8:21pm, CDT last night. Best Week Ever doesn’t air until later than that, surely. I posted that immediately after the news flash.

  3. As for the WSMV graphic, it’s simple once you start to break it down.

    1) This is actually 4 sets of news graphics glommed together. The background is – obviously – from a 1994 sports story showing that Michael Jordan, on hiatus from his god-like status in Chicago, was about to strike out mightily at Greer Stadium as a member of the visiting Birmingham Barons.

    2) Larry Brinton, as is apparent from the look on his face, has finally decided to travel to Arkansas to ask – once and for all – “What the hell is that stench??”

    3) Avoiding Neverland at all costs, the other MJ – Michael Jackson – can’t break from his Kids & Themeparks routine, and is evidently taking the March kids to Kennywood (incognito, of course).

    4) The header – Perry March Case: Custody of the Children – was simply thrown on as an afterthought.

    Other than that, the fact that the temperature on Knob Hill is always 3-5º different from anywhere else in the Nashville Metropolitan area should preclude them from using that little thingy in the corner – but I’ll be damned if they didn’t decide just to throw it on there simply to confuse us further.

  4. I thought it was going to be that creepy one for the Perry March stories that has runs the loop of his picture moving (some video clip) in slow motion over the pic of Janet.
    Especially with the devil-red background… it’s just too creepy. (not unlike the guy himself)

  5. I love local TV news graphics. Maybe WSMV should talke the community video journalist plan at WKRN and turn it in to a community infographic program.

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