Connecting from Four Blocks away…

JJCA-Baptist Hospital

As some of you may have know, I’m with my mom this week at the hosptial as she recovers from a shoulder replacement. I’ve brought my laptop to the hosptial every day this week to try and get some work done from the office and to keep in touch with family and friends. I discovered on Monday that the hospital, Palmetto Health Baptist, has a free WIFI network for patients and guests. It works a lot of the time, but it’s been frustrating me since Tuesday afternoon when it abruptly stopped working. Granted, it does say when you log on that it’s “Coming soon,” but it worked all Monday and most of Tuesday, so like most other things in my life that I don’t have control over, it frustrates me. I’m afraid that prolific emailing has set off a filter somewhere that’s blocking my computer for the network.

Connecting from four blocks away.

But the Palmetto Health WIFI network isn’t the only network that my card sees. It also sees a Thinkspot hotspot for the Clarion Townhouse Hotel, which is about a half-mile away. That network, while obviously slower, is much more reliable. It’s good to have options.

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