Vigilcast Liveblogging

Elvis Week 2005Today marks the 28th anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley. Last night on NPT they had a live vigilcast from Graceland, I had planned on liveblogging it, but I got distracted with the new NCAA playstation game and lost my evening to that. I do now see they’ve posted the video to the website, so, I’ll just go ahead and faux-liveblog it as if I actually watched it live. (And actually cared.)

Vigilcast Liveblog:

1:00pm: Elvis is still dead.
1:15pm: Elvis is still dead.
1:30pm: Elvis is still dead.
1:37pm: Did I just see someone beat a dead horse?
1:45pm: Elvis is still dead.

I’m sensing a pattern here. Maybe I can stop now.

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