Rebuilding Together

Every year for the past few years I’ve been involved with an organization called Rebuilding Together. As the website says, it’s mission is “to preserve and revitalize houses and communities, assuring that low-income homeowners, from the elderly and disabled to families with children, live in warmth, safety, and independence.” We go and do what we can in a day to fix up houses in disrepair for deserving families. Each house is sponsored by another organization, the house today was sponsored by AIA Middle Tennessee.

My job today was to clean and repair an existing mailbox and provide a coat of much needed paint. I also served as a runner back and forth the Home Depot and did my best to offer unsolicited general supervision.

I also took pictures. Enjoy.

4 thoughts on “Rebuilding Together”

  1. Nice work / photos. (Wish there was a photo of the mail box so we could see your handy work!)

    This seems like a VERY cool project. How did you hear about it?

  2. Yeah, I may have to do a drive-by and take a another picture. (Perhaps that wasn’t the best phraseology for that neighborhood.) Actually, the mailbox was located next to where they placed the port-o-john, so it wasn’t very photograph-worthy.

    Rebuilding is kind of like “Extreme Home Makeover: Volunteer Edition.” Except instead of a week we have a day and instead of having a crew of 80 paid skilled workers we have 20 volunteers. And instead of having a seven figure budget we have a low-four figure Home Depot gift card.

    I heard about it through the AIA. On Saturday Rebuilding Nashville did three houses, the other houses were sponsored by the Germantown Neighborhood Assocation and some other organization that escapes me at the moment.

  3. Aaaaahhh yes, you mentioned AIA but I didn’t click. Duh. *sorry*

    The whole program sounds really cool. I may bring it up at our next vision team meeting at CLC. A bunch of hard-working Lutherans could probably put quite a dent in great projects like this!

    I DEFINITELY want to see the mail box… WITH the port-o-potty in the shot.

    Ok, maybe not.

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