Division Iti Yon, Conveying Systems…

On the advice of Muffy, and the review in the Tennessean, tonight I ventured down to Bodeli Sushi, the new Cool Springs sushi bar with the conveyer belt. This style of sushi joint, called kaitenzushi, was pretty interesting, fast, and enjoyable if only for the novelty of it. Actually, I kind of felt like a country tourist visting the city to just to ride an escalator.

Video here.
(Of the sushi conveyer, not me riding an escalator.)

The accounting system is brilliant, the plates are color coded and you’re charged based on your stack of plates at the end of the end of the meal. Here’s my damage for the night. (Gold plate – $3.50, Red plate – $2.50, Purple plate – $2.00, Lime plate – $1.50.) The sushi was good, but it wasn’t the best…I’ve actually had better in Williamson County. At the end of the meal I just wanted to take my empty plates up to the cashier to settle up.

Bottom line, if you have been to the airport and have ridden the moving sidewalk, go to RuSan’s or Peter’s Sushi in Brentwood. Unless you have guests in town who’ve never been to Bodeli, then go, get separate checks, sit so they can’t see the sign on the wall which explains the pricing. Then stack your empty plates on theirs.

One minor note, leave your camera at home. I was scolded as we left, the manager instructed that I couldn’t take pictures of the restaurant. But I had to document this sign.

5 thoughts on “Division Iti Yon, Conveying Systems…”

  1. What an idiot. (The manager)

    I wonder if he thinks photographs of the 8th miracle of sushi restaurants will diminish peoples’ interest in coming to it in person.

  2. Pam and I use to eat at a sushi restuarant in Melbourne Australia that did the same thing (colored plates denoting price) and used a model train to send them around. They use to have a deal where they would offer all plates $2 on Sundays. They would make you think you were getting this great deal but in reality the only sushi they would put out were the ones that were normally only $2.

  3. Awesome. Thanks for the tip, I shall take your word for it and go out there only when out of other options. Haven’t been out there yet!

    Will wait till I go to Singapore to show Caruthers the joy that is conveyor belt sushi dining.


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