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Completely unrelated to yesterday’s post regarding sushi, this week I was given a new pet, a betta named Clementine.

Clementine resides in a glass vase shared with a lily plant on my new desk. From what internet research I’ve done, this may not be the best environment for her. I’ve read pages upon pages telling me that this arrangement is bad for the fish, the plant, and our national security as a whole. Be wary, readers, that I promise to remain vigilant to make sure that Clementine has only the best of what cubicle living has to offer.

(Also know that I realize that Clementine is actually a male betta.)

One thought on “More Sushi Sea-Life Blogging”

  1. Pretty fish. I would rather be out on a lake trying to catch some fish myself. As in bass, crappie, catfish and so on.

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