A homeowner moment…

Last night Nashville (and the rest of the midstate) had lots of rain and wind associated with what the news kept calling a “bow echo.” It was interesting to watch it on TV, the line of strong 70 miles-per-hour wind was very visible on the TV and I knew it immediately once it hit downtown and then a few minutes later when hit the condo.

When the wind hit, I had the immediate fear that my umbrella/parasol thingy was going to blow away so I went outside in the storm to lower it in hopes that it would stay attached to the patio furniture. The dog tried to follow me outside, so I closed the patio glass door in an effort to keep her in the condo. I wrestled with the umbrella before determining that it was going to be OK and it wasn’t going anywhere. Then I turned to re-enter the condo and noticed that the security bar that keeps the door locked had fallen neatly into place. I was locked out. Without my keys. And the front door was locked. In the storm.

Luckily I have good neighbors who have an extra key.

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