Rules are rules, man…

Tonight on the way to dinner my friends and I were caught about a half of a mile from my house at the stoplight at Belmont and Hillsboro Road. As we sat at the light, I noticed a man riding a unicycle coming up beside the car. It took every fiber of my being not to roll down the window and yell, “HEY BUDDY, IT’S A BICYCLE LANE!” The other folks in the car begged me not to, but it was obvious to me that the man would have enjoyed it. No one but an exhibitionist looking for attention would ride a unicycle in public, especially one wearing bike shorts.

Also tonight when we came home I saw, for the first time in two and a half years of living at my current address, Emmylou Harris out walking her dog. We’ve known that she was a neighbor, I’ve pointed out her house to friends and family alike, but until tonight no one really knew for sure.

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