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Tickets to the Van Morrison concert at the Ryman went on sale this morning. (Update: According to Ticketmaster, it’s now sold out.)

I was really excited about this when I heard about the concert, Van Morrison at the Ryman is one of those dream concerts that you never think will happen. The Tennessean even called it a “miracle show.” Such a big name, such an intimate setting.

At any rate, this morning, armed with a cup of coffee and my internet connection, I bought tickets. The sale started at 10:00 am, so I started by making sure that I had the exact, correct time by checking the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s, the clock by which most computers in this country and around the world set their watch by. (I also do this to check-in 24 hours before any Southwest flight I may be on, so I know exactly for certain that I’m in the A boarding group. Anything less, and I’m inconsolable.)

At 10:00:00, I reloaded the already-loaded-and-logged-in Ticketmaster page. I selected the quantity, 2, “Best Seats Available.” Now I had already seen where there were two prices for tickets, $125 and $85. I already knew that the $85 dollar seats were for the Ryman’s famous “obstructed view” seats, and I knew that I was going to be paying full price anyway to make sure we’ll have a good view. I waited…the page reloaded.

Two seats came up, MF-1, Row S, seats 3-4. I clicked buy, got my confirmation. Then I went to go look at where these seats really were.

“Limited view.” What?

Were those really the “best available seats” at 10:00:05 am this morning? Sure sure, the absolute best seats are always for the VIPs, I know that, I understand. But limited view, right out of the box? Not to be a conspiracy nut, but I’m now convinced they sell the crappy seats first to the people who will just feel lucky to be there.

Like me.

It’s OK, I’m not upset. I don’t want anyone to think I’m complaining. There are no bad seats at the Ryman.

I’m just glad that Van has put some weight on over the years, he’ll be easy to see, even from behind that column.

5 thoughts on “Limited View Van”

  1. One of the local news stations reported this morning that this is the only concert Morrison will have ever done in Nashville. Is that true? If so, he probably could have charged $300-500 for tickets and sold out. We wanted to go, but the spoils (even obstructed) go to those like you who stay on top of these things. Plus, I’m becoming my dad, who often prefers to stay at home and watch a ballgame on TV rather than driving out to the stadium to see it. I find it easier just to put Van’s music on my player rather than motivating myself to take the initiatives you do. And I even understand that it’s my loss.

  2. Conspiracy nut. I have it on good authority (MMM…) that limited view means from the wings or sides not the true behind the pole obstructed view.

    The fact that you got tickets at all (and pretty good at that) is a miracle. The offical sell out time was under 5 minutes with ticketmaster. I credit it to your skills. We might, maybe, possibly be able to get in and stand in the back to listen if we call in some favors.

    Is it better to be lucky or skilled? You win either way.

    Mrs. Mixmaster

  3. I am insanely jealous — one of my all-time faves. I didn’t even know this was going to happen. Please do not let that ticket go to waste. If you have no discerning or cool friends willing to accompany you OR they ONLY know “Brown-Eyed Girl” [the sanitized for readio version], please take me with you instead — I will pay for my ticket.


  4. I learned the hard way (ie, I didn’t get the tickets I wanted through the special “pre-sale for fans”) that the very best way to get tickets is to show up at the Ryman box office and sweet talk the people working there. I haven’t tried it myself, but that’s what I heard.

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