Adding to the Breakfast Arsenal

simplehuman coffeepod

With the success of the Egg McMuffin maker, I decided to extend my breakfast-making appliance collection to include a single serving coffee maker. I don’t traditionally make lots of coffee, but I figured I might if I wouldn’t have to commit to anything but one cup at a time.

After reading all the reviews at, I chose the Simplehuman Pod Brewer.

simplehuman coffeepod

Of course, I had to alter it to say “Simplehuman Ipod Brewer.”

simplehuman coffeepod

One of the reasons I chose this one was that it was the only one that I saw that claimed compatibility with most of the available pod coffee products that are out there. (i.e., no DRM.) Of course, I proceeded to buy a crapload of the brand of coffee that comes with the machine.

simplehuman coffeepod

Operation is pretty simple, you fill the tank with water, turn on the machine, and wait for the water to heat up.

simplehuman coffeepod

Some people (coffee snobs) would object to buying anything other than coffee beans that you grind yourself. One friend of mine suggested that half the fun is sniffing the coffee before you make a pot.

simplehuman coffeepod

Of course, you can still get that effect.

simplehuman coffeepod

So you load the coffee pod into the hatch.

simplehuman coffeepod

Then just press play. I mean, just hit brew.

simplehuman coffeepod

Yummy coffee. (Next machine to buy?, I’m thinking waffles.)

7 thoughts on “Adding to the Breakfast Arsenal”

  1. 1. While your friends applaud the addition, we can’t characterize the kitchen itself as an ‘arsenal’. I mean, I have no guns- and if I go buy a box of shotgun shells, it ain’t an arsenal yet. 🙂

    2. The above comment would not have been offered if you didn’t taunt me with that NPR mug. You know, the one that says…not only do I listen, but I’m so under Nina Totenberg’s spell that I had to PAY to listen.

  2. Seems kinda pricey for a machine that only makes a single cup of coffee. Why didn’t you buy a six cup coffee maker and then just not use as much?

    And as for the NPR mug, am I the only one who thinks of the SNL character Brian Fellows, the Animal Guy every time Jacqueline Fellows fumbles while reading the local news during the morning edition?

  3. No, Tom, you are not alone. Every morning (when I used to drive to work), I’d wish that TODAY would be the day that she’d yell, “I’M JACQUELINE FELLOWS!”

    I think they should auction that off in their next event. That’s something someone would pay to hear.

  4. Thank you for supporting public radio / caffeinated beverages. You should have included a link so people can pledge to you online.


  5. Tim,
    I’m so fascinated by the breakfast arsenal. A. I don’t like eggs in general, so I’m amazed by the number of people you’ve convinced to buy the egg & toast thingie. Apparently I am alone in this world in my dislike of Egg McMuffins. And, well, I don’t drink coffee either. So I had no idea there were so many different kinds of coffeemakers. Keep up the great research.

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