5 thoughts on “Emancipator of Rock and Roll”

  1. i thought the famous person was in the dark suit and that lady in the lighter blue suit was with him.

    something tells me that wasn’t the first time mr. little richard wasn’t confused for a woman.

    either way, that’s pretty cool. was he flying southwest?

  2. sshhh. He lives in the land of Jack Daniels and can be found at the nearby WalMart frequently. Can you imagine? In true Tennessee style, his nephew works for my cousin.

  3. Last week, I saw Brooks or Dunn — I don’t know the difference, but it was the tall one — at the Nashville airport. But no one as famous as Little Richard.

  4. I saw Little Richard once in the Memphis Airport. There’s something special about a guy in an electric blue suit and an entourage. How do you end up in Little Richard’s entourage anyway?

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