What’s Next?

Today one of the most tightly held national secrets was finally revealed. I think it’s good for persepctive’s sake to make a list of things we still don’t know:

  1. Where is Jimmy Hoffa?
  2. Did Oswald act alone?
  3. What will Bob Woodward say now when he’s trying to pick up a woman in a bar?
  4. Where is Osama bin Ladin?
  5. Did we really go to the Moon?
  6. What’s the deal with the Crazy Frog?
  7. How does Kevin Costner keep getting work? What about Celine Dion? Geraldo Rivera?
  8. Are there any copies of All the President’s Men available for rental in the Metro Nashville area tonight?
  9. What is Martinizing, and why does it only take one hour?

4 thoughts on “What’s Next?”

  1. Crazy frog rocks. I’ve moved up from the basic sound file to the Axel F video. I think I may need help soon. Not yet, though, don’t take my crazy frog away!

  2. Tim, this is a great list … #3 is my favorite. I read on another blog that Jimmy Hoffa was actually Deep Throat, and that Mark Felt has just revealed that he is actually Batman.

    Re Martinizing — some friends and I were recently talking about our worst dates, and one woman said she once was fixed up with an artist in L.A. Turns out he worked at a dry cleaners and considered himself an artist in that milieu. I believe he actually used the phrase “palette of solvents.” No word on whether she got Martinized that night.


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