Ask your doctor about Swag…

I have several friends who work as pharmaceutical reps, and while being very respectful, I’ve always questioned the real necessity for their jobs. They don’t sell the drugs, they don’t distribute drugs to pharmacies, as best I can tell their job is to look pretty, deliver lunch, and distribute swag.

You�ve all seen this stuff, pens with advertisements for Prevacid or Lexapro, post-it notes with Zocor or Zyrtec. Most of this stuff is pretty banal, but when you work for a company like Pfizer, you can evidently have a sense of humor. Especially if you rep Viagra.

Found at a Goodwill store for $.99, the Viagra branded soap dispenser. (If you’re following along at home, this is where infection control meets the erection jokes.)

Obvious one liners follow:

  • I keep pumping and pumping but nothing ever comes out.
  • Viagra, in a bottle? The more I put on, the more I have to put on.

3 thoughts on “Ask your doctor about Swag…”

  1. I worked as a pharm. tech in college and I had so many useless notepads (in which 45% of the writing surface was covered in Rx ads).

    I’d like viagra themed products. That’d be cool.

  2. Oh, the swag. There’s a funny (Onion I think?) satire article I read once about pens, swag convincing doctors of medical efficacy, recommending drugs based on cool giveaways, etc.

    My mom gave me a Prozac clipboard that she got from work. I tried not to take it personally.

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