Roll that footage again, control room…

I don’t know why everyone is complaining about the lack of coverage by News2 of their own sponsored event: “News2 Presents: An Evening With Mr. Roboto”. People are saying the only thing covered were Nashville bloggers in a general sense, and not News2’s cutting edge new media fusion of journalism and crunk. I must have seen a different story.

Here’s my proof:

1. Mr. Roboto setting up pre-party. Obviously showing the hard work that is being Nashville’s Greatest nightlife blogger.
2. Keenly subtly placed logo graphic. Old media types need a bit of transitioning to the new rules.
3. Coverage of the beautiful ladies. Needs no explanation.
4. Captain T in the the getaway car. Because a Camaro and a western shirt are where it is, baby.

I rest my case.

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