Separated at birth?

I guess not. I don’t really drink coffee.

My hair has never been this long. I’ve got to do something about it, feral hair is not something that I am used to dealing with. Normally when I need a haircut,I walk into one of the chain establishments, tender the admission price and politely ask for a haircut. Then I’m asked the question that I never really have a good answer to, “How would you like it cut?”

This time, I want to find a stylist (or other professional, whomever will take me) and let them try something new. I’ve surely given them a lot to work with. Ideas?

2 thoughts on “Separated at birth?”

  1. Be careful going into the chain places. My first Nashville haircut was at the Green Hills Mall by a 6’4″ dude who called himself “Cowboy.” It was then and there that I instituted the female haircutter only rule. And never looked back.

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