Separated at birth?

I guess not. I don’t really drink coffee.

My hair has never been this long. I’ve got to do something about it, feral hair is not something that I am used to dealing with. Normally when I need a haircut,I walk into one of the chain establishments, tender the admission price and politely ask for a haircut. Then I’m asked the question that I never really have a good answer to, “How would you like it cut?”

This time, I want to find a stylist (or other professional, whomever will take me) and let them try something new. I’ve surely given them a lot to work with. Ideas?

No thanks, I can roll my own…

Went tonight to the Home Depot and acquired supplies for a little IT project at work. We’re getting all new systems furniture, it will require that I run all new ethernet to all of the new stations. Tonight for the first time I successfully made a patch cable, all while watching The West Wing.

Maybe do-it-yourself cabling will overtake knitting as the latest fad cottage industry.

My First Moleskine or: How I learned to stop worrying that I am a victim of marketing.

Tonight after I visited Green Hills’ latest eatery, I wandered over to the Davis-Kidd for the express purpose of buying a Moleskine notebook. Now, as a survivor of architecture school I’ve had my share of little black sketchbooks, so the allure of a little pocket sized black book is not foreign to me. Of course, it’s just a notebook, regardless of what they say.

Why did I do it? I find that I don’t ever write anything down anymore. Consequently, I don’t ever remember anything either. I bought the book as a way to keep track of things that I tell people that I’m going to do. It’s not a to-do list, per se, those seem to be only handy for keeping track of things I’m told to do (my email inbox, for example.) This stuff deserves it’s own category and container.

Hopefully I will find myself in more situations where I’ve actually followed through with things that I said I was going to do, rather than have to come up with excuses. I also hope it will get me to learn how to say “No” sometimes, once I see all of the ways I’ve overpromised things all written down in one place.

Now all I need is a good pen.

“Forward,” says the cow…

I heard on NPR that some the Wisconsin quarters have been showing up with an extra leaf in the ear of corn. As coin collectors love this sort of thing, they are selling on Ebay for hundreds of dollars.

I didn’t think much of it until I got back, when I realized that I had three pristine straight-from-the-roll Wisconsin quarters that had been given to me as change from my twenty at Marble Slab Creamery at the San Antonio airport. One of these quarters (shown above) turned out to have the extra leaf.

I guess I can stop saving those bicentennial quarters. See you in Aruba.