Blogging sabbatical

No, I’m not one to join the exodus…you can’t get rid of me that easily.

It’s just been a busy month, starting off with 10 days spent in South Carolina dealing with my mother’s shoulder surgery. (Yes, she will be able to play the violin again.) I got back and had to hit the ground running, major work commitments lead to a several near 80 hour weeks. It’s fall which means football season, which means the little weekend I can carve out for myself is spent watching football. Then there was the whole Chief Justice hearings, another hurricane, another SCOTUS nomination, and that python that tried to swallow that alligator. So my time for blogging was reduced, to say the least.

I also met a girl, which is a story for another time.

5 thoughts on “Blogging sabbatical”

  1. Hey.

    You, me, Caruthers, MMMikey, Mrs. Mixmaster, Saucy and her man and your girl: Golden Coast. Sometime soon.



    And I promise I’ll talk like a normal human being that day.

  2. Thanks for the update – I was beginning to worry. Dying to hear the story about the girl! Great news.


  3. I will admit, I was starting to get worried. So much has happened, Entrances, Exits, marriages, births, secret liasons, virutal deaths, unemployment, career changes and now a girl too!

    Good grief, this does require chinese food and bubble tea. We can time it so that you can watch football at the same time too, just for time management in your crazy schedule.
    Welcome back and maybe you can find time for a 2nd version of the t-shirt for future fund raising.

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