Enjoy your leap day…

Last December I bought twelve copies of the annual calendar that is sold to raise money for the Nashville Humane Association. Why so many? Turned out that Abby is Miss November.

Now, I’ve been using my calendar seven months now, last week I discovered something pretty interesting:

Something is wrong with this picture.

That’s right. There are two July 16ths. And yes, it does throw off the calendar for the rest of the year. If I made an appointment with you over the last week, please forgive me if I showed up a day late.

As for the calendar, sure, sure… it’s off by a day and might be useless for planning events, trips, anniversaries, birthdays, or other festive occasions, but If you’ve got one of these I would still recommend keeping it up until at least November. Or, if you are already resolved to keep it up even though the calendar is off by a day, you might want to just flip forward to November. That way you’ve got 5 whole months to look at Abby.

Also, I would wager to say that Nashville Humane is looking for a new copy editor. To volunteer, please call (615) 352-1010.

UPDATE: An astute commenter has noticed that there is no 23rd, either. Seems like after a week the calendar corrects itself. Must be like one of those alarm clocks that automatically syncs itself with the atomic clock in Colorado.

This actually makes me feel a lot better to know that the calendar is right past July, I was going to have to go and do some serious revisions to my timesheets at work.

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  1. I have the exact same calendar and when I was writing important dates at the beginning of this month, it took me a good ten minutes to figure out what was wrong.

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