Warning: This is a dog post…

Today is take your dog to work day. While my employer doesn’t have an official policy on this, Abby and I celebrate this more often than I’d care to admit. Not during the day, of course, but if I have to work late Abby has been known to make the trip back to the office with me. I’d feel guilty leaving her alone as many hours as I’ve been working lately.

Since my dog doesn’t move around a whole lot anyway so she’s pretty suited to the office environment. Normally she’ll just lay at my feet and take a nap, sometimes she’ll go exploring or hang out with other co-workers who are also burning the midnight oil. She doesn’t like the cleaning crew’s vacuum, but to be totally honest, neither do I.

Late the other night (the fifth consecutive night in a row) she started making noises in that low “hey Tim I’m talking to you” bark that she does, so I took her outside to relieve herself amongst the firm’s landscaping. She didn’t stop in the bushes like she normally does, she made a beeline to the car. It was great. She was ready to go home (and I was, too.)

Alas, I won’t be taking Abby into the office today, but I will be checking the Abbycam to see if she’s done with those building sections I left for her to draw.

One thought on “Warning: This is a dog post…”

  1. That’s my girl! She knows what she wants. I don’t blame her. She gets bored. She has no TV to watch, no windows to look out, and no comfortable couch to sleep on. I am glad she is taking care of you.

    She is such a good dog.

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