Conan’s in HD…

I love that Conan is now in HD, but it’s not the best demonstration of the technology. In fact, it’s one of the the most frightening thing that I’ve ever seen. Here’s a larger image… IF YOU DARE…

7 thoughts on “Conan’s in HD…”

  1. Yup. Last night I caught Austin Stevens or something.. the Snake Master.. South African guy who um, does all sorts of Matrix shit with the snake action.

    Anyway, one thing you should have to be subject to in HD is a group of tribal people piling giant ass grubs into banana leaves to grill.

    A pile of giant ass grubs, up close in HD. *shudder*

  2. One of the first things I noticed when I got HD was that pretty people weren’t so pretty anymore. And ugly people, well, just image watching Keith Richards close-ups.

  3. He actually looks way better than I expected him to. But what’s up with all that makeup in his eyebrows? Ick!!! Otherwise, he’s OK. Where was that article the other day about which stars looked bad in HD? I felt sorry for them. 🙁

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