Celebrity forearm contest…

Tonight at a local sushi establishment I had my second Nashville experience. (Read about the first one here.) Oddly enough, both brushes with fame have occured in restaurants that specialize in Asian cuisine.* This particular sighting can also count double because she was with her celebrity husband. I was trying to be very subtle with the camera, the above picture was the best I could get. Some may ask, “Who Needs Pictures?” You know me.

I’ve got a ticket to the 12:01 AM Thursday, May 19th showing of Star Wars: Episode III for the first one who can identify this Celebrity.

*Update: I do remember once seeing Charley Pride at the Cracker Barrel off of Music Valley Drive. So actually only 2 of 3 brushes with fame involved chopsticks. (Still.)

**Update 2: I have it on good authority that Renee Zellweger and Kenny Chesney were seen together in P.F. Changs’ a few days before their wedding was announced. I so see a pattern here.

HABEMUS VICTOR: MMMikey of Who You Talkin’ At? has correctly identified the celebrity forearm as none other than Kimberly Williams. It was his innate sense of music, popular culture, and Asian cuisine that led him to the correct answer.

10 thoughts on “Celebrity forearm contest…”

  1. There are at least two “hints” in the text, I’m afraid that’s all I can give. As for your second query, I’m afraid that I don’t know, but she was awfully thin. (But then again, she was in a restaurant.)

  2. Actually, I’d like to chalk it up to my innate sense of popular Asian music.

    Like to… but can’t. Ever since Pink Lady tried to make it in the States, I’ve stayed as far as possible from that whole subject.

  3. Her arm looks strikingly like mine. But, alas, I am not a celebrity and I do not wear celebrity clothes (that shirt is crazy!)

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