A post about work…

I’ve gotten in the habit of harassing a co-worker by turning off his monitor every time I walk by his desk. Due to office geography, this is about thirty times a day.

Today he started fighting back.

8 thoughts on “A post about work…”

  1. Your coworker is obviously a creative genius. I think you should treat him with humble adoration and be at his beck and call from here on out.

  2. Beautiful. Just beautiful.

    Does he have any suggestions as to how to combat the Touches My Monitor type coworker? Y’know, the one who’s got greasy fingers who likes to not just point with them but leave smudges all over my screen?

  3. Great to work in a place where you can have a little fun. Noticed yesterday and today you need to move the camera so we can see Abby. I enjoy checking in on her every morning.

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