Let’s play a game…

Which costs more… 25 gallons of gas? Or a DVD player?

There are two things about this image that are interesting to me, the rising price of gas and the commodification of consumer electronics. Industry CEOs may disagree, but I think that something officially becomes a commodity when they start selling it at the corner convenience store. Let alone advertise it on their sign. “Yeah, honey I stopped by the Mapco on the way home for some milk, bread, and a picked up a DVD player, too.”

As for the gas, it would just make me feel better if they would just wait until the middle of the night to raise the prices, rather than doing it like they did this morning. I watched as they raised the price three cents while I waited for my turn light to go green. I tried honking my horn and yelling out my window to have a mini-revolt (admittedly, an act of passive agressive civil disobedience at the corner of Harding Place and Trousdale Drive) but no one joined in so I just looked like I was crazy.

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