The sign came down…early.

I don’t quite know when it happened, but at 8:30 am on Friday when I drove by the scene of my act of signage, it was gone. I believe that if the person or persons whose yard I invaded had any sense of humor they would have left it up, I’m sure they’re racking their brains trying figure out who left it in their yard.

Regardless, I have my pictures and that’s what I wanted. Here’s a pdf if you want to make your own politicomedic statement against the against the spray folks.

I do feel a bit of karma coming to bite back at me, however, I got to work on Friday but when I attempted to leave to run an errand, my car wouldn’t start. It’s done this before, several weeks ago, but the Pep Boys were able to fix her back up with a new battery. This time I just had it towed back to Carmax where my extended warranty should allow them to fix whatever is electrically wrong with the car. (It’s obvious to me it’s an electrical problem.) Only problem is that they couldn’t get to the car on Friday, they said it’d be Tuesday probably until they could take a look at it. So I’m carless and dependent on the kindness of strangers for locomotion at the present time. At least I don’t have to drive to the Saucer on Monday night.

Also, by popular demand I’ve fixed my comments, they should work again now, please, feel free to comment to your hearts desire if you are of mind to. I’ve also done a bit of housekeeping, moving some things around, updating some things here and there. You may notice that this is gone.

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