No forced upgrade…

But cooler toys. I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a video gaming console for the last few weeks. It all started when Dallas and I went to Media Play to kill some time before our Monday night ritual at The Flying Saucer. We made our way over to the Xboxes (or Xboxi) and played NCAA Football 2003 by EA Sports. I tell you, it’s the best football game I’ve ever played. Of course, I’m not that skilled at such things, and Dallas, playing as the University of Miami (the one in Florida, not the one in Ohio) beat me, playing as the University of Texas 41-0.

So a few weeks passed, but the urge to buy a gaming system did not, so last Thursday night I went back to Media Play and invested in a PlayStation 2. And that game. I’m getting better, I can beat the computer without fail, (playing as my Alma Mater, of course) Then he’ll come around and beat me playing as Harvard. It’s true.

But I’m getting better.

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