I’ve never used a better stapler…

You may recognize the image above as one of the central props from the movie Office Space. It’s also the best stapler I’ve ever used.

A friend sent me this website the other day. I don’t really collect things, but recently I’ve gotten into collecting props from movies. It started with Jacques-Yves Cousteau’s Diving for Sunken Treasure from the movie Rushmore, followed by the more geeky yet more dangerous Narsil from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. I lusted hard after The Life Aquatic’s Zissou Adidas shoes, but fortunately wiser heads prevailed. (They didn’t have my size.)

The stapler arrived on Monday and has become the hit of the office. It started with everyone getting a good chuckle out of it, but then people started stopping by to actually USE the stapler and not just threaten to steal it. Since then, three other people have ordered their very own red stapler. I think it may become the office standard.