Beginnings - First and Second Year

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Thanks for taking time to visit my portfolio. In these pages you will find the work of almost five years of my life, a reflection of the agonies and joys of a rigorous architectural education. Preparing this document has required me to think about each project and reflect on what each one was trying to teach me. I have included these thoughts in the accompaning narrative, and I hope they offer you insight on my views about architecture.

You may view each heading separately, or you may follow the arrows at the bottom of each page. They will take you step by step, project by project, through the site. Clicking on the center icon will take you back to this page. If you do not have them installed, please download Quicktime and Acrobat Reader. They are not required, but they will enhance some pages.

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Timothy M. Morgan

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Emergence - Third Year First Semester

Exploration - Third Year Second Semester

Integration - Fourth Year First Semester

Chattanooga - Fourth Year Second Semester

Balance - Fifth Year First Semester

Syn(Thesis) - Fifth Year Second Semester

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