Things I’ve learned in 30 years…

As demonstrated by the “graphical improvement” that my friends and co-workers have orchestrated to this site, today is in fact my 30th birthday. Here’s some things I’ve learned in that time:

  • If you ever have the opportunity to teach someone Photoshop. Don’t.
  • Change passwords regularly. Hourly, if need be.
  • Lock your computer when you’re not using it. In fact, carry it around with you. (Laptop or desktop, it doesn’t matter.) And you probably want to just go ahead and take it home every night.

Thanks, guys!


Every morning for the last two weeks my cable box has locked up during the night. I don’t know if there’s some update that the box is getting that it doesn’t like, or if it freezes up downloading new programming information. All I know is that it happens every night at 4:20. Perhaps it’s the munchies?

Really, when I get my cable bill each month and take a look at what they charge me I always wonder what they are smoking. This confirms that for me.