Traffic Calming Game

The residents of Overhill Drive in Green Hills have added another “traffic calming device.” This time rather than signs or pavement markings or speed humps they’ve installed two of these:

Overhill Drive

I know you’ve seen these as portable units, I have always found them to be quite fun. Now there are two always ready and waiting to help you calibrate your speedometer.

So in an effort to promote traffic safety here in Green Hills, I’m proposing a game.

Lowest Speed Wins

Contestants should drive carefully and slowly along Overhill taking a picture of the flashing radar speed sign. Contestants should then should post their winning photo to Flickr, tagging the photo as “overhill-lowest-speed” or email it to me. (Photoshopping your own original photograph is allowed.)

The sign turns itself off if doesn’t sense motion, so good luck. And drive slow.

Winner will receive a free oil change at the Valvoline Instant Oil Change at the corner of Hillsboro and Overhill.

(Contest ends April 1, 2006)

6 thoughts on “Traffic Calming Game”

  1. I would have been so much more exciting to see who could get the fastest speed, but this is probably a better idea.

    If I make it over that way I will be sure to have my camera ready.

  2. That sign tells me my speedometer is wrong (if the sign reads 32 my speedometer says 30) so I’ve started speeding.

    And sometimes it’s off and won’t even give me a reading so when it gives me a nice, low number (I’ll see if I can hit 3) I’ll send it your way.

    Any takers so far?

  3. Ouch. I think I sprained something.

    Plus some old bat on the sidewalk passed me like I was standing still while I was doing it. It wouldn’t have been so bad, except for when she looked back over her shoulder, housecoat flapping in the warm afternoon breeze, took both hands off her walker and flipped me a world-class double bird.

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