Last week, by the numbers…

Yes, it’s been a very light week for posting, here’s a numerological explaination why:

  • Hours turned in on my timesheet: 77
  • If my dog had turned in a timesheet, her hours at the office: 26 (that’s 182 in dog hours)
  • Number of days this week we’ve had a totally working A/C system: 0
  • Average temperature at my desk: 82�
  • Emails received: 184
  • Voicemails: 16
  • Projects due this coming Monday: 1 (a big one)
  • Babies born to people that I consider family: 1
  • Hours spent at the hospital waiting with the family: 8
  • Healthy baby boys born: 1
  • Statistics: 4:07 pm, 6 lbs., 19 inches
  • Babies I noticed in the nursery before Baby Ethan was born: 7 or so
  • Babies I noticed in the nursery after Baby Ethan was born: 1
  • Proud dads: 1
  • Proud moms: 1
  • Proud grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends: immeasurable
  • Houseguests at the condo this week related to baby: 4
  • Cainine houseguests at the condo related to the baby: 1
  • Pictures I took on Thursday related to baby: 175
  • Baby websites set up: 1
  • Meals eaten at my home: 0
  • Percentage of meals eaten at work: 85%
  • Percentage eaten at my desk while working: 66%
  • Fruit and Walnut Salads eaten from McDonald’s: 2
  • Fruit and Walnut Salads that actually contained walnuts: 1
  • Total overall subsequent “fruit buzz”: 50%
  • Aimee Mann concert tickets purchased: 2
  • Coldplay albums purchased: 1
  • Percentage of change of subsequent melancholy feeling: 33%
  • According to the single from the album, the speed birds go flying at: 761 mph (at sea level)

So it was a pretty busy week.

3 thoughts on “Last week, by the numbers…”

  1. Wow.
    What a week.
    Glad you made it through.
    I was wondering what you were up to and am glad that it’s all good… well… except for the no A/C, no walnuts and 77 hours of work. *wink*

  2. I’ve had both air go out in mid-summer and heat go out in mid-winter. I don’t know why nothing ever happens in April or October when the weather is mild. Good luck with that. And with everything else! I think everyone is having a crazy time of it right now.

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